We try to ride as much as we can. We meet every fourth Saturday of the month, but we try to meet and ride as much as our cable-tow permits. From weekend rides to Poker Runs, from Bike Night to pretty much anything anyone can come up with!

We are a very tight band of brothers bounded by a double-obligation: that of being Freemasons and that of being brother that love to ride. We are never alone. We help each other. Our group offers a friendly grip to guide us “from darkness to light”.

As Masons we are taught to be charitable to our communities along with our Widows & Orphans. Some of are charitable organizations are listed below
We don’t attend to our meetings because we have to but because we want to. Beyond our Chapter’s meetings, we attend events throughout the state. In this way, we get to meet other brothers throughout the Masonic community!


The following are the charitable organizations we contribute to;

     Veterans Last Patrol     

     Masonic Home of Florida     

     Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital     

Above all, the one thing that binds us together is that we are brother Masons. We come from different walks of life, we are of different ages and backgrounds, but we are united by our oath. Therefore, we support as many Masonic activities in the community as we can.


Laying of wreaths at the National Cemetery

Placing flags on grave sat the National Cemetery

Assistance with community activities