History of ASHLARS Chapter


The ASHLARS Chapter, Widows Sons of Florida Masonic Riders Association are a diverse group of Master Masons who share a love of motorcycles.  We are not affiliated with, or under the jurisdiction of, the Grand Lodge of Florida, nor any other appendage body in Masonry.  Rather, we are an autonomous group of Master Masons who love to ride our motorcycles and promote the positive light of Masonry in the process.

We are currently one of seventeen Chapters of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association within the State of Florida.  The ASHLARS are geographically located in Broward County, which is between Miami and West Palm Beach, on the Gold Coast of Florida.  As of 2021, there are Widows Sons Chapters in 43 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and another 57 countries around the World.  We love to say we have Brothers around the world that not only share our love of motorcycles, but the tenets of Masonry as well.

The ASHLARS were presented our Charter by the founder of the Widows Sons himself, Army Nunez.  Army rode his bike down from Jacksonville on a weeknight and presented our Charter at a stated meeting of Doric Lodge #140 in Ft Lauderdale on June 1, 2003, with our First President, Billy “Wild Bill” Duenas sitting in the East.  Throughout our history, our membership has ebbed and flowed, but one thing remains a constant - we are committed to one another as we are “Our Brother’s Keeper”.

One of our membership requirements is that you must be a Master Mason in good standing with your Blue Lodge of F&AM, have a motorcycle endorsement and ride a street legal motorcycle of 883cc’s or larger.  We don’t judge what you ride, only that you share our love for riding.  We believe in supporting our local Blue Lodges whenever possible, as we are Masons First, Widows Sons Second.  Our motto is “Live Long, Ride Hard, Raise Masons”.